1. How Does LiquorConnect.com know WHICH RETAILER carries a product?

LiquorConnect.com looks at which Retailers ordered from Connect Logistics.  A product will show as being available at a liquor store if it has received the product in a certain time frame.  Here are the criteria:

  • Received in the last 3 months if the wholesale price is < $29.99 per unit.
  • Received in the last 12 months if the wholesale price is > or = $ 30.00 and < $89.99 per unit.
  • Received in the last 12 months regardless of price if the product sells less than approx. 300 cases in 12 months.
  • Received in the last 24 months if the whole​sale price is = or > $90.00. 

Note: Because any Retailer may sell out of any product, or order in products for special events, it's important that you call ahead to the Retailer to confirm product availability. Connect Logistics takes no responsibility for the fact that any Retailer may have sold out of any product listed in this buying guide. We do not have Retailer inventory level information. 

2. What types of products does Connect Logistics Services handle?

Connect Logistics Services is the Alberta distributor of wines, liqueurs, spirits (whisky, vodka, rum, gin, etc.), micro-brewed & regionally crafted domestic beer, and imported beer. (The Connect Logistics distribution center does not handle some domestic beers, like Molson and Labatt) 

3. Do you buy product from Suppliers and Agents?

Connect Logistics Services does not own the product in our distribution center. We are a 3rd party distributor of liquor products. The product belongs to the Agency or Supplier until it is sold to a licensed buyer.

4. Who decides what products to stock in your warehouse?

Each Supplier or Agency determines which of its products it will offer for sale in Alberta and how much inventory is available, based on market demand.

5. Can I order products to ship TO MY home?

No, you can have a liquor store order products for you. Connect Logistics does not distribute to consumers. 

​6. I am trying to get a case of a particular product, not available in Alberta, what do I do to get this? 

There are a few options on how to go about getting that product:

1.  Speak with staff or management at your local liquor store. Products that are not already on the shelves may be brought in at customer request. If products are not currently available in Alberta, liquor stores are able to work with registered liquor agencies in order to bring the products in. 

2.  You can also search for similar products on this website. View agency details for similar products and contact the agency to request the product be brought into Alberta for you.

7. I was not able to find a product? 

It could mean that the product is discontinued, has been temporarily sold out, or the spelling is not correct, or the product doesn't meet the above # 1 question criteria. If you want something specific you can put double quotes around the SKU # or product name in the search field. Ex. "756811" or "skinny girl"

Note: ** Restricted Allocated products will be visible to the consumer but will have a masked SKU #. The consumer will be prompted to contact the agency for more information on the product.

8. I am having a wedding and need to know where to obtain a liquor license?

Please visit Alberta Gaming and Liquor website http://aglc.ca/liquor for more information.

9. What Do I need to access the site? 

In order to access the web site:

  •  You must obtain Internet access from a local supplier.
  •  LiquorConnect.com uses Adobe Acrobat Reader so you will need to download from the Adobe web site. Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded at: https://get.adobe.com/reader/